Why Resonance

Why Resonance

Need of the Hour

As life’s speed, stress and demands increase, so also the need to relax and find true wellness. We identified the pressing urgency of this need and after 5 years of intense research, developed a meditation that suits the unique requirements of our modern way of life. We chose to concentrate on the chakras because they are the vital energy centres of our body and much can be achieved by harmonizing them. Our aim is not to open or awaken the chakras, as is traditionally known, (that is a complex and advanced process), but simply to align and balance the chakras for harmony and better health.

The Resonance Meditation aids healing and brings about a tangible sense of calm in the whole being. It achieves effectively and easily the much sought after rest and rejuvenation.

In this meditation, the guide, accompanied by soothing music and powerful chanting, helps you to meditate the way you always wanted to. What is created is a magical inward journey that transports you naturally towards health and mindfulness.

This meditation is only an aid in our search for perfection; it cannot replace entirely the role of one’s own will power and personal effort.

Resonance is divided into 7 easy meditations of about 10 minutes each corresponding to each of the 7 chakras. Each meditation is complete in itself and can be practiced individually. They can be combined with each other depending on the physical/emotional need.

The meditations are quick, easy and effective, making Resonance an ideal tool in our hurried search for wellness.