Why Resonance

Why Resonance

For Whom

Resonance is a holistic experience and yet it can be used to achieve specific results. Meditating with Resonance will help parents, students, professionals, businessmen and artists in different ways. Experiments conducted on groups and individuals have shown a marked decrease in stress and fatigue levels and a remarkable boost of positive energy. It is not necessary to do all the seven meditations together. Depending on the problem or the need one can choose to meditate on specific chakras.

Parents: As a parent, your Ājñā chakra (6th chakra) and your Svādhishthāna chakra (2nd chakra) need to be balanced constantly to bring you the Wisdom, clarity the extra energy you require when dealing with children.

Mothers to be: Balancing your Svādhishthāna chakra (2nd) and Mūlādhāra chakra (1st chakras) can help to bring about stability, physical strength and a feeling of security, the necessary prerequisites to a healthy pregnancy.

Students: Meditating on the Ājñā chakra (6th), Vishuddhi chakra (5th) and the Anāhata chakra (4th) is highly recommended for any student to enhance concentration, expression, perseverance and creativity.

Professionals: We recommend that professionals concentrate on the Mūlādhāra chakra (1st), Svādhishthāna chakra (2nd) and Manipura chakra (3rd) to create firm stability and bring about a surge of confidence and creativity.

Businessmen: Meditating on the Mūlādhāra chakra (1st), Manipura chakra (3rd) and Anāhata chakra (4th) helps awareness and a positive acceptance of circumstances. It will also enhance perseverance.

Artists: All artists are creative people who require emotional stability and great levels of confidence. Meditating on the Vishuddhi chakra (5th), Anāhata chakra (4th) and Manipura chakra (3rd) will help them to optimise creativity and talent.

Each of us will find in these meditations the help we need to overcome our difficulties and move to a greater level of wellbeing.