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"We are the Cosmic Source. We are that stateless state.Then why run after meditation? We wrote the movie script of this life but somewhere down time we forgot that we arent the viewers. Such works as "Resonance" today gently remind us of our cosmic nature beyond the claws of good and bad karma and beyond all notions of rebirth"
– Pandit Dhruba Ghosh, Principal, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan

“Harendraji’s voice has a quality which is immensely caressing. It is deeply soothing and therapeutic, even at a physical level.”
– Anahita Sanjana, Yoga Teacher

" there was a distinct sense of vibration in the lower belly that permeated the entire being with a sense of calm and energy."
– Shahnaz Pardiwalla, Lawyer and Yoga Teacher

“an unbelievably tranquil and immensely deep, personal and enriching experience that resonates in the mind, body and soul creating harmony between the three”
– Rael Mendes, Music Teacher and Student of Psychology

“ haunting .. perhaps the finest thing to listen to while pursuing inner peace”
– Kashin Shetty, Theatre Artist

“after the meditation the atmosphere in the room completely changed. The pain of sodalities was terrible before I heard the meditation but it almost got cured and the pain has not even come back. Rajni’s voice is extremely soothing”
– Hansa Mehta, Sri Aurobindo Society, Mumbai

Resonance helped me to meditate the way I always wanted to. I felt instantly the peace and energy I was searching. I use it often to get rid of the minor day to day health problems caused by lack of rest. I also use it to unwind and focus better. Resonance has become a way of life. I strongly recommend it.”
– Mandakini Purohit, Mother and Entrepreneur

Few years ago, Harendra Khurana, a musician and healer, saw a man recover from a prolonged illness after a bout of sound therapy. So he began researching the impact of alternative meditation therapies on health.

The result is Resonance, a guided meditation that uses the power of human voice,bija mantras, music, colour and visualisation to " Harmonize the Chakras." The combinations of the different therapies help to reduce body and mental tension.

Kamakshi Khurana, programme in charge, says, " It is divided into seven meditations of 10 - 12 minutes each.It starts from the lower chakra in the body right upto the seventh one at the crown of the head."

The technique has proved to be successful, especially in the corporate sector for stress management. This is largely because the programme comes in a capsule meditation format for those caught up in busy schedules.

Future plans
The programme is also gaining popularity in Yoa Centres around the city.  Consequently, Khurana will conduct workshops around the city as well.

It will include a demo of the meditation as well as other therapeutic sessions.  The Khuranas have already launched a kit priced at Rs. 1250 which includes a CD, a manual and colour therapy aids. 
– Aancha Sachdev

"Sound is the source of all life"

Everything in the universe responds to light and sound.

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