Harendra Khurana



Rajni Khurana

The Creators

Harendra Khurana:

Harendra Khurana has pursued the study of music for the last 35 years. He is a performer, teacher and healer. His voice carries within it a deep compassion and goodwill for humanity. He has helped people connect with their deeper selves through his inspiring chants. His long experience with commercial music made him realize the power of sound and its immense role in bringing about health and happiness. It is this conviction that drove him to initiate Resonance.

His personal endeavour is to use his voice variously in the process of healing and meditation. In Resonance he has devised a unique technique that will prove beneficial to every individual in today’s hurried and stressful search for wellness.

Rajni Khurana:

Rajni Khurana is a multifaceted personality who is not only the author of several successful cook books, but also a practitioner of Tarot and Reiki. The motivating force behind Resonance, her positive energy pervades the product from start to finish. Her belief in the power of sound, colour and Visualisation and her faith in their ability to heal comes forth perfectly in her voice as the guide in this meditation. It is her vision and relentless optimism that has shaped Resonance into a beautiful healing meditation.


The making of this meditation, from a cherished dream to a material reality, is a fascinating journey; full of faith, hope and joy. We thank deeply all the wonderful people who joined us on this journey and helped us with their skill, passion and vision.

Menaka Deorah, our consultant for design, packaging and content, who has beautifully embodied the soul of Resonance in every aspect. Her treatment of the project has justified its very essence

Aslam Khan, our Recordist and Sound Engineer, for his patient and complete involvement with the project. He has given every chakra in Resonance its most perfect mix

Aggi, for his brilliant music accompaniment, assisted by Prashant Patil

Paresh Jana, for vocal supervision

Chetana Deorah, for her invaluable inputs in book design and creative presentation

Rajen Jariwala, for his professional expertise in print and production

Rajeev Saraswat, for the Hindi translations

Kiran di and Madhu di, for putting together the Resonance box so marvelously

Kamakshi, for all her musical and other inputs

Vishala, for her help with the content

Renowned Tera Mai™ Seichem Masters, Philip and Kiran Martis, for their most authentic guidance on the subject

Our infinite gratitude to The Mother
for being our Supreme Inspiration and Guide
We offer Resonance
at the lotus feet of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo